How to Introduce a New Pet into the Home


How to Introduce a New Pet into the Home

August 3, 2017
Peter Nelson
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You can almost always avoid your new pet and your old pets hating each other if you follow the steps below. Remember that in introducing a pet, like anything involving pets, it is about using the psychology of the animals to your advantage. Without further ado, here are the tips:

Confine the newcomer to a small room at the beginning.

Keep the new pet in a small room with water, food, litter box and scratching post if it is a cat, or kennel if it is a dog. This has two advantages. The pet feels secure in what is going to be at first an uncomfortable environment, and allows you to perform the following trick: Put the pets’ food bowls on opposite sides of the door. This forces the pets to be near each other, but does so on good terms. Pets generally enjoy eating, and sharing a good experience with each other helps to warm relations.

Trade bedding, toys, and such, to introduce the pets to each other’s smells.

To animals, smells are far more important than appearances. Trade the bedding between the newcomer and the old residents so that the animals can experience each other’s scents in a non-threatening way.

Take it slow and steady.

It is much easier to get pets to like each other if they don’t have any bad experiences with each other. Take things gradually. If you rush it, a snap judgement by one pet can ruin their relationship for a long time, or forever.

If you’re paying attention to this, you probably have a new pet or are about to get one. I love the feeling of getting a new animal! If it is a smooth experience introducing the pets to each other, you get to enjoy their interactions, which can be one of the most fulfilling parts about owning pets. Good luck!

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