Get Hyped for the 4th of July!


Get Hyped for the 4th of July!

July 4, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Time to celebrate with the whole family!

Long Exposure of Roman Candles

I’ve headed down to Austin, TX this weekend to spend some time with some friends, and I brought along my Dachshund, Charlie and my Chihuahua Molly. We’ve hung out at Barton Springs, a huge swimming pool and creek (great destination if you want to bring dogs!), and spend the nights patrolling 6th street. This is one of my favorite times of the year because it feels like Independence Day is one of the best holidays to bring us together.

Now that it’s the 4th of July, I’m looking ahead to the fireworks! However, remember that as pet owners we must consider our friends that may not understand fireworks as well as we do. Charlie handles them pretty easily, but Molly definitely gets pretty frightened. That’s surprising to me actually, because she pays no mind to thunder, which is pretty similar. . . Oh well. I keep her calm with a Thundershirt. It’s designed to keep dogs wrapped tightly and securely to reduce anxiety from thunder, but I have found that it also works for fireworks. You can pick them up at Glamour Paws, or here on our store website, if your dog gets anxious from loud noises.

Since I’m all prepared for tonight, I think we will go out and have something very American. I don’t really need excuses to eat more Whataburger, but come on. Remember to treat your pets to something tasty when you’re celebrating! (Yup, we have healthy and tasty treats too)

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