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Training Your Dogs

June 20, 2017
Peter Nelson
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I thought about it and I might as well talk about general training, not just house training, while I’m at it. Some of these tips will overlap with the potty training ones, because I chose to do it in this order but don’t want to give you incomplete information. I’m not going to talk about things you can train your pet to do, but instead I will give general tips that are applicable to almost anything you’d like to train. So, here we go!

1: Resist the urge to scold.

For most puppies, it’s confusing more than it’s helpful. If a pup is doing something you don’t like, chances are it falls in one of two categories: behavior that’s intended to be social, like nipping and jumping; or self-rewarding behavior, like chewing inappropriate objects.

  • For social—but undesired—behavior like nipping, nothing is more powerful than removing your attention (voice, eye contact, touch) for a moment and then giving it back when the puppy does something that’s social and desired, like a polite sit. That way, you’re punishing the undesired behavior with a gentle but powerful punishment, and you’re rewarding an incompatible and desired behavior.
  • For self-rewarding—and undesired—behavior like chewing electrical cords, interrupt and redirect. It helps if you redirect to something that’s similar to the undesired thing, so for bad chewing, redirect the pup to something that’s good to chew. Removing your attention doesn’t work for these because your attention isn’t the reward the pup is seeking.

2: Reward what you like.

We naturally have a tendency to focus on what the puppy is doing wrong, so we forget to give puppies a little treat or a little praise for things like settling quietly, playing with a toy, etc.

3: Start short crate sessions (2-5 minutes) frequently so the crate just becomes part of his daily routine.

It also helps to do sessions when the pup is mellow and sleepy so he starts to associate feeling safe and sleepy and warm with the crate.

4: Train in short bursts of 5-10 minutes (or take ten treats and train until you run out).

Puppies learn better in short sessions throughout the day than in one big one. You can teach a pup more in 6×5 minute sessions (30 minutes total) over the course of a day than you can in a single 60 minute session.

5: Decide what your pup’s name means.

For us, it means “look the person who said your name in the eye,” so we teach it as a cue. Getting your dog’s attention is the foundation of a lot of behavior (loose leash walking, recall, etc.), so you want some kind of cue that makes your dog give you his attention. Most people say the dog’s name all the time, so it doesn’t work well as a “look at me” cue. So decide if you want the dog’s name to mean “look at me” (in which case, don’t use it all the time), or if you want a different word. I accidentally taught my dogs that “ready?” means to look at me, because I have a tendency to say it before I do awesome stuff, like run around, release them from a stay, etc. So that became our “look at me” word. Their names I just say all the time, so they don’t make great attention words.

Good luck in training your pups!


House Training Your Puppy

June 15, 2017
Peter Nelson
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House training a puppy is easy if you do it correctly. Take advantage of these tips, which work on a puppy’s psychology perfectly to make training painless. I trained both of my dogs with these tips, and neither ever used the potty in the house again after only four months of training!

  • Take the puppy’s food away between meals. Feeding is an amazing tool in your repertoire and it doesn’t work if the puppy isn’t hungry.
  • Take the puppy out to eliminate first thing in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour. Also, always take them outside after meals or when they wake from a nap. Make sure they goes out last thing at night and before he’s left alone.
  • Take the puppy out to the same spot each time. Puppies, like people, are creatures of habit, and the smell of their waste will encourage them to do it again.
  • Do not stuff the puppy’s nose in their messes. Puppies are not as smart as people and cannot easily make the connection that the reason they are being punished is because of their mess. It will only serve to hurt the puppy’s self esteem and trust of you.
  • Instead, focus on entirely positive encouragement. This isn’t just a feel-good statement: Research shows that positive reinforcement almost always produces better results than negative reinforcement. And it feels better to reward your puppy then it does to punish them.

Spa time!

June 13, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Unfortunately, you’ll have to go elsewhere for a human spa.

But we give invigorating spa treatments to pets at Glamour Paws!

Come visit us and let us make your pet feel clean and look beautiful! I’ve taken my dogs to Glamour Paws for a while, but I didn’t try the spa packages until one of my dogs (and then both of them) got fleas. Why did I decide that was a good time to go, you may ask? Well, Glamour Paws has the “Critter Ridder” package which uses Advantage, a name-brand flea shampoo. The reason why the package is a top-tier deal, though, is that it includes a conditioner specially designed to condition hair treated with flea shampoo. So when I returned for my dogs, I found that they looked every bit as fresh as they do when they get their regular treatments at Glamour Paws.

Glamour Paws has three other spa packages, each of which give your pet a beautiful look and a relaxing treatment.

  • The “Silky Skin Treatment” package first uses a salt scrub to exfoliate and remove undesirable particles. After this scrub, the pet is clean down to its skin. Then, a silk treatment is applied to soothe the skin, soften the coat, and leave your pet with a beautiful sheen. The package also includes a teeth brushing!
  • The “Blueberry Facial” package uses hot oil or mud in place of a salt scrub, and then uses a silk treatment. The highlight of this package is the Blueberry Facial, which uses the antioxidants found naturally in blueberries to invigorate your pet’s skin and coat. The Blueberry Facial brings a pristine, bright shine to your pet’s face.
  • The “Snow White” package is designed for pets with white coats. It uses a whitening shampoo and a conditioner that bleach your pet’s hair naturally and delicately. Included is a teeth brushing to get your pet’s teeth white too.

Drop by and let your pet enjoy one of these premium spa packages!

Loving Your Dog Unconditionally

June 9, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Your dog loves you unconditionally.

Unconditional love is the reason we have dogs. For most people, hunting and protection aren’t something they need from their dog, even though that’s why dogs were domesticated originally. Your dog loves you no matter what kind of day you’ve been having or what kind of day your dog has been having. A human significant other does the same, but sometimes we don’t show it. Dogs show it all the time, because they feel their love for us so often. When you get home after being gone for any amount of time, your dog is ecstatic, because you are the whole world to your dog.

Love your dog unconditionally.

While Molly and Charlie may disagree with me that the mailman is not currently a threat to our way of life, we do agree with each other that loving each other unconditionally brings us happiness. When I get home and they bounce up and down with excitement at seeing me, I have to drop the problems that I came home with and love them back. This is for my benefit because it is useful to deescalate my stress and to allow myself to view my problems with a fresh look later on, but it is also about showing my dogs that I love them as much as they love me. It doesn’t matter if I come home and something is chewed up or they’re in my way while I’m carrying something. As soon as I can, I pick them up and tell them I love them. It makes my dog feel good and it makes me feel good.

The Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s teeth

June 7, 2017
Peter Nelson
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It can’t be emphasized enough.

Many people think that with the relatively short lifespans of pets, teeth care is unimportant because their teeth won’t have time to develop problems. This is wrong.Dogs and cats can get serious plaque and tartar problems, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, like people do, when owners don’t take care of their pet’s teeth. But worse, there’s credible reason to suspect that periodontal disease can be a direct link to cardiac disease.

Brushing your pet’s teeth is easy, and Glamour Paws has many products that can help. Here are a few tips that can make it easier:

Find the Right Time.

Brush your pet’s teeth when (s)he’s relaxed and calm. Your goal: Set a routine. Working up to brushing daily is ideal. But if your pet’s mouth is healthy, even three days a week can make a difference.

Work up to it.

Test your pet’s willingness to have you touch their mouth by rubbing your finger along their upper gums and teeth. This will help them get used to the feel of something against their teeth. Use light pressure.

Circular motions, don’t worry about light bleeding.

Brush in small circles, getting top and bottom on each side. As you move the bristles along the gum line, some light bleeding may occur. Slight bleeding every so often is okay, but ongoing or heavy bleeding may be a sign of gum disease.

Use a supplement.

Supplements can improve your pet’s dental health in a matter of weeks. They’re not a replacement for brushing your pet’s teeth, but they can complement brushing. I recommend ProDen PlaqueOff:

ProDen PlaqueOff

I give it to my dogs because it naturally made (mostly of North Atlantic Seaweed) and it supports normal and healthy teeth, gums, and breath odor.

Photographing Your Dog

June 5, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Today I’d like to give you some tips on photographing your pet. These tips will make the hassle of chasing a good picture much easier when your pets are in a playful mood.

Tip #1:

Avoid clutter. Objects around your pet can be very distracting to it. Clear the area, and your pet is more likely to stay still.

Tip #2:

Use treats to keep your pet in one place. It is easy to take a good picture right after the pet finishes eating, when they are lying or standing still.

Tip #3:

Get down on the pet’s level. Try it out! You may like some of the pictures.

Tip #4:

Use squeaky toys. They kill two birds with one stone! The pet has something to occupy their attention, and you have a cute picture.

Tip #5:

Walk your dog or play with your cat! Doing these before your photography is another good way to keep the pet still. Get some energy out of their system!

Share your pet photos with us on Facebook at! Don’t forget to like our page while you’re there.

Or, if you want it done professionally, we have our own photographer, Sara Nesbit. Call her during regular business hours to book an appointment at 817-923-9828. Look below to see a few gorgeous pets who have come in and left looking adorable!

Sweet Summer is Approaching!

June 2, 2017
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And that means preparing for vacations! But vacations can be tough to arrange when you have pets in the family. When I go on a vacation, I have to make sure my plans carry accommodations for my dachshund, Charlie, and my chihuahua, Molly. After taking them on several vacations, I have a bit of experience making it work.

Finding pet-friendly hotels can be draining (calling the hotel to see if it is pet-friendly, finding out it isn’t, moving on to the next, etc.), but here’s a tip: It may not be one of the main specifications, but most travel agencies will give you the option to select a pet-friendly hotel. For finding a good boarding kennel for when I want to go somewhere without Charlie and Molly, I typically look at reviews on Yelp to find which places will treat them right (like Glamour Paws does!).

Make sure your pet carrier is airline-approved! I had a nightmare my first time traveling with Molly. I couldn’t just leave her at the airport, or hope to find someone to pet sit before the flight left! I had to reschedule my flight. If you want to be sure your carrier is pet approved, I’d recommend the Sleepypod Air. Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines individually chose Sleepypod Air as a best product one year. Where those magazines meet, you’d wager they’re onto something. Ernie Slone of Dog Fancy wrote, “The breathable mesh makes it comfortable for pets, but also easy to conform to differing airline under-seat storage requirements. The carrier is easy to secure to rolling luggage, and hidden straps also make it a snap to fasten to car seatbelts, adding a measure of safety.”

You can grab one or more at our shop here


Thanks for reading!

Ten Tips on Spring Cleaning with a Pet

May 17, 2017
Peter Nelson
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I’m a student at TCU and now that my finals are over, I know I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands. I know that I’m going to need to find some stuff to keep me busy. With Summer fast approaching, I plan to get all my Spring deep cleaning done with this weekend. I learned some things to make sure I get it done right, so that I can make sure what cleaning I do works for my dogs, Charlie and Molly. Listen closely to these life-saving tips for Spring cleaning. Use these to keep yourself and your pets happy!

  1. Clean out the food pantryThrow out old, expired pet food and treats, and then restock with fresh food. Try this brand of dog food, A German-inspired, grain-free entrée prepared with rabbit & duck together with potatoes, carrots, and celery:
  2. Check your toys. Throw away the ones that are no longer good. If the toy is still good but your pet no longer plays with it, why not donate it instead? If you have a cat, try our cigar-themed catnip toy:
  3. Clean or replace all grooming tools. Replace old brushes and clean old combs (they probably don’t need to be thrown out).
  4. Wash all pet bedding and clothing. This one is possibly the most important on the list. Your pet deserves to sleep on fresh, clean bedding. This is also very hygienic.
  5. Wash or replace bowls. Wash them if you don’t mind the sight of them, but they are chewed up, it might not be a bad idea to get a new one.
  6. Make sure all pet tags and vaccines are current. If your pet is lost with an out of date tag, you will surely regret not taking the small amount of time to get an updated tag. It is pretty obvious why making sure your vaccinations are up date is a good idea, but a lot of pet owners don’t bother with them.
  7. Replace or wash collars and leashes. If they are torn up or dirty, get new ones! Try this cute camo leash:
  8. Replace your air filters. As soon as you take out your air filters, you will see how ridiculously grody they are. Actually, you might invest in a air filter for homes with pets, to help with dust and pet dander.
  9. Deep clean carpets and floorsAll kinds of particles get trapped down below the carpet fibers.
  10. Take your pet to a groomer! Nothing like a deep clean and new style for your pet itself! Come to Glamour Paws at 2412 Forest Park Blvd, Fort Worth, or call us at 817-923-9828. If you prefer, you can email us at Our hours are7:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M – 3:00 P.M Saturday

How to Pick the Right Pet for You

May 10, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Commonly, people make mistakes in picking a pet well suited to their needs. Here are a few tips to help you make a decision you won’t regret when choosing what your next pet is:

  • Do not choose a pet based purely on looks. You should learn about the pet and make sure its personality and needs will work for you. For example, the questions asked by this wonderful quiz I found are good ones to consider when picking a breed of dog:
  • Get a pet that is spayed or neutered, or get it done yourself. Cannot be emphasized enough.
  • If you’re going to choose a pet from a breeder: Please, please, please, do not buy from a pet-store. Those puppies and kitties need homes, but buying them only encourages more production from pet mills. They will often have health problems from the poor breeding tactics. Ask your breeder questions such as, “What is your worming schedule for your pups?” to gauge their reliability. However, the even better option is. . .
  • Adopt from a shelter! Those animals need homes! They take in pure-bred animals too, so there’s no reason not to go to one. Hope for Friends is an organization we partner with which connects animals to fosters. Check them out on Facebook!

Stormy Weather

May 2, 2017
Peter Nelson
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I took my Dachshund, Charlie, out for a walk on Saturday morning before it started raining but it didn’t stay that way for long! At first it fell in a refreshingly cool, light sprinkle, but by the time we got home it was pouring!

With rain comes thunder and lightening, but luckily Charlie has no issue with loud noises. This is not the case with all dogs though! Storm phobia is a common problem reported by owners about their dogs. Some dogs with storm phobia are also frightened of other loud noises, such as fireworks or gunshots, but others are only afraid of storms. It can create bouts of anxiety, leaving poor pups quivering!

If your dog experiences anxiety from thunder and other loud noises, or more generally, I’d recommend to wrap him/her up in a Thunder Shirt. It wraps dogs comfortably tight, helping them feel secure and relieving their stress. It’s a must have for dogs that sometimes feel a little overwhelmed sometimes (don’t we all feel a little overwhelmed sometimes!). Hmm. . . maybe I need a Thunder Shirt for humans. . .

The Thunder Shirt is available for purchase in our store:

Also available, from the same brand, is the Thunder Leash! If your dog pulls while you walk, you can hold them without yanking on their neck like a traditional leash would:


How To: Happy & Healthy Pup!

November 11, 2016
Jazmin Fisher
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We all know that there are some foods that are not good for us, and for the most part we tend to avoid them to ensure we stay healthy. Just like us, there are some things put into dog food that we need to watch out for, and certain dog foods we need to avoid to make sure our puppies stay healthy! Below are some ingredients put into dog food to avoid:

  • Preservatives: Some of the most common preservatives put into dog food include Ethoxyquin and BHT/BHA. These preservatives in particular are linked to the development of cancer, kidney and liver damage, immune deficiencies, and even blindness.
  • Corn and/or Corn Syrup: Corn syrup is often used to sweeten dog food, which is not only unnecessary but very unhealthy for your babies leading to weight gain and diabetes. Additionally, the “corn” put into dog food is not the corn we traditionally eat, rather feed corn  that was not approved for humans to eat and/ or what was leftover from human consumption. Not only is it fattening, but it can mold and even lead to death.
  • Animal Byproduct: Byproducts are the leftover parts of an animal that we do not want to eat. Byproduct has no nutritional value, due to the fact it does not have any “muscle meat”. These meats will sometimes even be contaminated.

Now that we have been educated on the importance of dog food, here are some healthy options to feed your pups!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (glamour.paws) and add us on Facebook (Glamour Paws)!


Happy Halloween

October 28, 2016
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Happy Halloween everyone! Although Halloween is a wonderful exciting holiday, it can be a scary and even dangerous day for your pups. Here is a few friendly reminders to help you, and your babies stay safe! It is important to keep all candy and treats out of reach of your pets, and keep a close eye on them to ensure they did not sneak into your stash! Of course, puppies deserve treats too, so get them something dog friendly (and healthy!) like the CocoTherapy Coconut Vanilla Flax Maggie Macaroons so they can safely celebrate the festivities with you. Secondly, remember that too many visitors can be stressful for your baby, especially when they are dressed in costumes and unidentifiable. If you notice your dog becoming overwhelmed, take proactive steps to calm them down by placing them in a secluded room, or give them some love and let them know it will all be okay! Finally, it is important to keep all tags and ID’s on dogs, and it is highly recommended to bring your dogs indoors! Once again, the abundance of people, costumes, and even some decorations can overwhelm and stress out your puppy, and the last thing we want is to spend Halloween searching for a lost pup who ran off out of fear!

So, we hope you and your puppies have a wonderful Halloween, and we cannot wait to see how cute they look in their costumes! Be sure to submit your pictures to our Facebook (Glamour Paws), or tag us on Instagram (glamour.paws). If you haven’t gotten a costume, no worries, because our costumes are 50% off on our website now so be sure to check it out!

Until next time!

Our Online store 

UV Rays

August 1, 2016
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While summer is a great time for playing in the sun, you also need to take precautions. While you use lotions, hats, and UV protecting clothing, your pups don’t have those luxuries in the backyard. While they might have shade and water, it doesn’t always give them the protection they need. That is why Glamour Paws is now carrying Sun Shield tees. They come in all sizes, a variety of colors, and not only protect 98% of UV rays, but are awesome for covering wounds and reducing allergens too. Protect your pups from the UV rays this summer.

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