service1-300x300 (1)All Breed Grooming

Pricing varies Depending on the condition and need

of your pet. Call to schedule an appointment.

  • Spa Bath Treatments
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Pawlish
  • Hair Coloring





Book and appointment in our studio today.

Offering individual sheets of varying size.

  • Opal – any combination of 10 sheets.
  • Ruby – any combination of 15 sheets.
  • Diamond – any combination of 20 sheets.



 All-Natural Productsservice2-300x300

We believe in providing only the highest quality of

natural pet products.

  • Urtho Pet
  • Raw Bistro Treats and Food
  • Carna 4
  • Glacier Peak Holistics
  • Nuvet Plus
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