It’s Time to Talk about Pet Food Again


It’s Time to Talk about Pet Food Again

July 18, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Most pets are actually not that picky about what they eat. . .

I see my dogs eating their Acana Dog Food: Lamb and Apple with the same voracity that I see my sister’s dogs eating Pedigree. Why do I choose to buy premium food when the dogs don’t seem to mind (considering they eat grass and random insects they find)? Well, I look at it like this: If I really ate what I wanted to every day, I’d probably be eating a whole lot of Whataburger, Fuzzy’s Tacos, and Canes’ chicken fingers. Do these things taste good? Yes. Would I want to eat it every day? Probably.

Is it good for me? Probably not.

We at Glamour Paws prefer premium food for our dogs because we care about their health, not just giving them the cheapest food we can find that they will scarf down. I don’t buy them Pedigree or Natural Balance because I think my dogs are better off without their bellies full of taurine and cheap grains. I want whole ingredients, like those found in the food I buy and in every single product available at this store. I checked the ingredients lists of various foods in the Glamour Paws store and they all are filled with things that even sound good for me to eat. I know that Charlene, the owner of Glamour Paws, vets her food choices well enough that I don’t have to (though I actually enjoy reading the ingredients off of gems like Fromm Dog Food: Gold Adult (Duck, Oatmeal, Salmon Oil, etc., it just sounds yummy).

If you are looking for recommendations, I will have to personally recommend Acana’s Lamb and Apple variety, found in store or on our online shop, since it was what I feed Charlie and Molly. It is mostly comprised of lamb, and features wholesome ingredients like whole peas, red delicious apples, and butternut squash. Every ingredient on the list is a natural, whole food, or helpful enzymes like acidophilus.

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