Flea Season! AHHH!


Flea Season! AHHH!

July 14, 2017
Peter Nelson
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They’re attacking!

OK, I realize it’s not actually that big of a deal. We have an entire industry dedicated to killing them. But I do think that many people have the wrong idea about how to fight them, so I’d like to spread some information about fighting fleas.

It is much, much easier to prevent fleas than it is to remove them.

Killing fleas in their vulnerable larval and egg stages is much easier than destroying an infestation. You don’t even need to necessarily target the environment (though this can be a very good idea). A Seresto collar for each of your animals will guard them the whole season (they protect for 8 months!). You can purchase one in our store or online shop.

You don’t have to hurt your pets to hurt fleas. (and some products will do that)

Your average flea product in a pet store is designed with efficacy and cost in mind. They need to mass produce it, and they will use the cheapest chemicals that can get the job done. They don’t care if whatever chemicals they use cause cancer 3 years down the road for your dog, because you probably won’t associate it with that flea treatment and it won’t ever get back to them. There is no easy way to tell what flea products are good for your pets, so it is best to consult the experts. That’s what we do. You can trust that any product in our shop is going to be safe for your pet.


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