The Importance of Supplements for Pets


The Importance of Supplements for Pets

July 8, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Pet health is fairly easy to get almost correct.

If you choose an organic pet food mix free of preservatives and unhealthy additives (Our shop offers the most healthy types of food on the market), take your pet to the vet, and exercise your pet regularly, you will be taking great steps to ensure your pets’ health. These will get you 90% of the way there. A pet’s life can be full-length and happy with these things.

Supplements are the final addition to pet health to get it perfect.

Just as humans fare best with a multivitamin, pets can do better with some key supplements too. The role they play in pet health is improving the functioning of specific systems in the pet’s body (joint health, digestive health, urinary tract health, etc.). For example, try PERNALOGIX Canine Joint Health:

This product and many like it, that help with other facets of your pet’s health, are found in our shop online and in-store.

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