Spa time!


Spa time!

June 13, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Unfortunately, you’ll have to go elsewhere for a human spa.

But we give invigorating spa treatments to pets at Glamour Paws!

Come visit us and let us make your pet feel clean and look beautiful! I’ve taken my dogs to Glamour Paws for a while, but I didn’t try the spa packages until one of my dogs (and then both of them) got fleas. Why did I decide that was a good time to go, you may ask? Well, Glamour Paws has the “Critter Ridder” package which uses Advantage, a name-brand flea shampoo. The reason why the package is a top-tier deal, though, is that it includes a conditioner specially designed to condition hair treated with flea shampoo. So when I returned for my dogs, I found that they looked every bit as fresh as they do when they get their regular treatments at Glamour Paws.

Glamour Paws has three other spa packages, each of which give your pet a beautiful look and a relaxing treatment.

  • The “Silky Skin Treatment” package first uses a salt scrub to exfoliate and remove undesirable particles. After this scrub, the pet is clean down to its skin. Then, a silk treatment is applied to soothe the skin, soften the coat, and leave your pet with a beautiful sheen. The package also includes a teeth brushing!
  • The “Blueberry Facial” package uses hot oil or mud in place of a salt scrub, and then uses a silk treatment. The highlight of this package is the Blueberry Facial, which uses the antioxidants found naturally in blueberries to invigorate your pet’s skin and coat. The Blueberry Facial brings a pristine, bright shine to your pet’s face.
  • The “Snow White” package is designed for pets with white coats. It uses a whitening shampoo and a conditioner that bleach your pet’s hair naturally and delicately. Included is a teeth brushing to get your pet’s teeth white too.

Drop by and let your pet enjoy one of these premium spa packages!

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