Photographing Your Dog


Photographing Your Dog

June 5, 2017
Peter Nelson
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Today I’d like to give you some tips on photographing your pet. These tips will make the hassle of chasing a good picture much easier when your pets are in a playful mood.

Tip #1:

Avoid clutter. Objects around your pet can be very distracting to it. Clear the area, and your pet is more likely to stay still.

Tip #2:

Use treats to keep your pet in one place. It is easy to take a good picture right after the pet finishes eating, when they are lying or standing still.

Tip #3:

Get down on the pet’s level. Try it out! You may like some of the pictures.

Tip #4:

Use squeaky toys. They kill two birds with one stone! The pet has something to occupy their attention, and you have a cute picture.

Tip #5:

Walk your dog or play with your cat! Doing these before your photography is another good way to keep the pet still. Get some energy out of their system!

Share your pet photos with us on Facebook at! Don’t forget to like our page while you’re there.

Or, if you want it done professionally, we have our own photographer, Sara Nesbit. Call her during regular business hours to book an appointment at 817-923-9828. Look below to see a few gorgeous pets who have come in and left looking adorable!

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