How To: Happy & Healthy Pup!


How To: Happy & Healthy Pup!

November 11, 2016
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We all know that there are some foods that are not good for us, and for the most part we tend to avoid them to ensure we stay healthy. Just like us, there are some things put into dog food that we need to watch out for, and certain dog foods we need to avoid to make sure our puppies stay healthy! Below are some ingredients put into dog food to avoid:

  • Preservatives: Some of the most common preservatives put into dog food include Ethoxyquin and BHT/BHA. These preservatives in particular are linked to the development of cancer, kidney and liver damage, immune deficiencies, and even blindness.
  • Corn and/or Corn Syrup: Corn syrup is often used to sweeten dog food, which is not only unnecessary but very unhealthy for your babies leading to weight gain and diabetes. Additionally, the “corn” put into dog food is not the corn we traditionally eat, rather feed corn  that was not approved for humans to eat and/ or what was leftover from human consumption. Not only is it fattening, but it can mold and even lead to death.
  • Animal Byproduct: Byproducts are the leftover parts of an animal that we do not want to eat. Byproduct has no nutritional value, due to the fact it does not have any “muscle meat”. These meats will sometimes even be contaminated.

Now that we have been educated on the importance of dog food, here are some healthy options to feed your pups!

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